If you are looking to help your business grow, there are four main services I can offer you:

Why hire an independent communications specialist?

While a great in-house communications team should be the goal of any company who are serious about their growth, there are plenty of good reasons to hire an independent communications specialist. Here are five:

Indies are flexible – there when you need them and off the books when you don’t. This means you can rapidly scale up and down to meet changing business needs without having to go through expensive and lengthy recruitment processes.

If you don’t already have a team in place, then the right indie will help you craft your communications strategy, get your communications function up-and-running and then help you to recruit the best people into the roles. Working alongside you, an independent can help you get ready for growth faster than if you were trying to do everything on your own.

You can hire an independent communications specialist for a particular skill (or set of skills) that you need for specific projects – meaning that you can start delivering them for your clients faster than if you had to go through a training process. Any good independent will enjoy sharing their skills with your team and helping them to grow professionally – everyone’s a winner.

Independent communications specialists are also able to inject some fresh energy into old problems. Free from organisational attachments, any good independent will be able to ask what others feel are obvious questions, effectively challenge assumptions and approach challenges with a beginner’s mind. They can often see the wood for the trees when your in-house team are so close to the issue that detachment is difficult.

You worked hard and invested heavily to recruit your in-house team. At times, they might need some space to step back, take a breath and think creatively about the next steps – but the day-to-day work still needs doing. An indie knows how valuable this is, and will slot in to pick up the day-to-day work, allowing this space to appear and your team to spend valuable time thinking about ‘What’s Next’.