This is me. I’m 14 and I want to be a vet. I even told a white lie to get a work experience placement.

I’m wearing gloves to hold Patch because he was Very Poorly. You don’t want to know what came out of Patch. In spite of this, Patch was my favourite of all the animals in the practice’s care. I nearly cried with joy when the team got him well enough to go home. But I didn’t - you’ve got to be a professional when you’re 14 and on work experience.

I’d also just been on a ‘How To Write Articles That Sell’ day course with my parents. So I wrote about my week mucking out cages, assisting in consultations, being covered in various fluids and, yes, being present while animals were euthanized.  

I sold that article six times. Then I sold some more. And changed my mind about what I wanted to do (which is one of the prerogatives of being 14).  

Since that point, I’ve worked ceaselessly with words and ideas:

  • I’ve written about cars, motoring and automotive lifestyle for 3.5million readers a week;
  • In Local Government, I combatted crises, created teams and connected amazing, diverse communities with meaningful information;
  • I helped to bring new business into an economic development consultancy while providing creative direction on a string of B2B magazines;
  • And while working for a road safety partnership, I led the development of Embrace Life which won a Cannes Bronze Lion, was shown at TED 2010 and has amassed nearly 20million views (my second proudest moment in business.  The first being a ‘Role Model Of The Year’ award from my team).

I ‘do’ communications, marketing and story-telling. I’ve been doing it for over 17 years now.

And I love it.

I love the challenge of getting to really know brands, communities and customers; of spotting potential and creating opportunity by combining things in a new way.

I love the elegance of a well designed communications strategy and the explosive crescendo of tactics that work.

I love true social marketing – and choose to call this discipline ‘home’.

Now I’ve started NeoNodal to bring this experience to the companies and causes so that they can positively influence the meaningful way they appear in the world.

This is me

I’m 30-something and I want to transform society by increasing opportunities for meaningful work.

I’ve come a long way from the kid mucking out a poorly dog’s cage, even if I’ve apparently got the same smile. But I’m still as curious about the world around me.

Perhaps more so. Because we’ve got the internet now and that’s got a whole host of amazing on it.

But enough about me.  Let’s connect on Twitter or LinkedIn to talk about your story.  What brings you to this place in time and space?  Where do we go next?  What are you curious about?  And what, if any, communications challenges are you meeting face-first right now?