Interim Communications Support

Flexible communications support – when you need it the most

Every business experiences peaks in demand, and every business should let their employees have a break now-and-again.  But what do you do at these times – work the rest of the team harder or lose potential growth opportunities because you’ve not got the support you need?

If you need an extra pair of hands for intensive burst, or ongoing freelance support, I will slot right into your team and work alongside them to get results.
When we work together, you’ll get:

  • The benefit of my 17 years in the communications industry, battling my way up from staff writer to Head of Communications
  • The benefit of senior-level leadership experience in complex organisations (especially useful if you’re looking to create a new internal communications practice – you might enjoy this case study)
  • A safe pair of hands, who gets complicated organisational politics and can deliver high quality work exactly when it’s needed
  • Someone who isn’t afraid to take the right creative risks and experiment with a new way of doing things
  • A professional communicator who understands the value of your brand and who feels queasy at the idea of a cookie-cutter ‘That worked here so let’s do it the same there’ approach

Whether you’re a multinational NGO or a small agency focused on a particular niche, I can work with you to deliver specific projects, provide growth capacity or fill-in for team members during holiday season.