Crisis Communications

No one wants to be engulfed in a crisis – but if it happens, you should have a crisis communications plan prepared

What would a crisis look like for your business?  A fire or flood putting HQ out of action at a peak time?  A faulty product provoking customer anger?  An ill-advised comment from a senior leader hitting the headlines? Something truly inconceivable?

Whatever a crisis looks like for you, being prepared with a crisis communications plan will help you to limit the damage and recover more quickly.  Having led through a number of high-pressure crisis situations including the aftermath of the 2015 Shoreham Airshow Tragedy, I have a unique set of skills and experiences to draw on.  Using these, I can:

  • Help you to document potential risks, their likelihood of occurring and impact to the business if they did arise
  • Develop contingency plans for your in-house communications team to use
  • Define and document communication cascade systems
  • Create spokesperson protocols (including social media)
  • Create clear guidelines on internal and external messaging
  • Identify key stakeholders and influencers (including the media, local organisations, community groups or significant individuals) who can help you to extend your messaging and support your recovery

No business should be without a crisis communications plan.  It doesn’t need to be complicated, but does need to be practical, realistic and thorough – with my experience, I can create a framework to prepare you in case a crisis starts to threaten your brand.