Getting the tone of your communications work right is really hard.  Unless you’re some kind of wunderkind, communicating well is tough.

I know you agree with me.  After all, if it was easy, every word or image which was ever shared would be, literally, the best thing ever.

You’ve not only got to think about what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it.  Where you’re saying it is important too.

So it’s no surprise that most communications work is largely forgettable. In my experience, there are three key things communicators need to think about to get the most out of their work:  clarity, confidence and community.


Communicate with Clarity

Difficult to decipher and almost impossible to act on, a lack of clarity in your communications won’t help you to grow. If people can’t understand what you’re offering, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

You need clarity to be able to share your message effectively.  This may be in the words you use.  In the design you adopt.  In the stated purpose of your brand (and certainly in the understanding of your customer).

Sometimes you’ll need to distil what you’re saying down to its barest essentials.  That might not be comfortable.  In fact, your CEO might ask “Why aren’t we saying X or Y – that’s what we do!”.  

You might find yourself under pressure to add.  And add.  And add.

But the more you add, the less clear you become.  

Simple and elegant is memorable.  

Be clear in what you’re saying, showing, asking or offering. Your growth potential will thank you for it.

Communicate with Confidence

Be confident with your communications.  Not cocky, confident (they’re different things).

Know your audience, know your message, know what you want to achieve with each communication.  Research and base your actions on insight.  Understand the meaning and value that you’re bringing.  

Think of great advertising or marketing campaigns.  

They don’t come from brands who make a habit of being apologetic.  

They come from brands who have the strength of conviction in their work, and the absolute belief in their message.

Confident communications are memorable.  Weak, stuttering work falls by the wayside.

Confidence gives you a pep in your step and will attract attention.  Can you afford to be without it?


Communicate with Community

You’re never alone.  Ever.  So who is out there who can help you to tell your important story well?  

Inviting others into your marketing messages creates something known as ‘social proof’.  You’re always going to tell me your widget is fabulous; but I’ll believe it when your customer tells me.  

If you are trying to contain a crisis, look beyond your walls for help.  I’ve been there and it made all the difference.  

Great communications cannot exist in a vacuum. Look into the communities you’re part of and ask: ‘How can we help them to achieve something meaningful while we grow our business too?’.

Being a community-first brand will give you meaning and presence in the lives of others.  You’ll hero them, and not yourself.  No-one likes a braggart, but by working with your community, you’ll be able to tell your story humbly, humanly and interestingly.


If you’re interested in learning more about how this approach can work for you, I’d love to talk to you!  Whether you’re building a strategy from scratch or auditing what you’ve currently got, concentrating on clarity, confidence and community will add a new dimension to your work – and I can help.

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