Communications Strategy

A communications strategy which makes sure nothing is wasted

Strategy is the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of communications.  Tactics are the ‘how’; sadly these are terms frequently used incorrectly and interchangeably.  This misunderstanding wastes time, effort and money.

Creating a communications strategy which contributes directly to your business goals will clear up the confusion and make all of your communications work harder for you. Your strategy should be flexible enough to give your team creative licence, but structured enough to make sure that your brand positioning, voice and tone continue to shine through.  

I can work with you to create your communications strategy and will:

  • Research your current situation and future aspirations, identifying communications opportunities which empower you to grow into the future you want
  • Create clarity for your business – clearly identifying the purpose, meaning and value of what you do and the messages which will help you to effectively connect with your customers
  • Test the developing strategy with a number of your main customers, involving them in your growth so that they feel a valued part of your business
  • Research and identify strategic opportunities to tell your story and use these as a basis for a content calendar
  • Develop flexible, engaging and easy to use brand guidelines – supporting your teams to tell the stories of your business, contributing to your growth

Your communications strategy should be the backbone of your entire communications plan.  However your business is structured and whatever scale you work at, I can help you to create a communications strategy which supports your short, medium and long term goals.