Communications Strategy

Whether you are looking to improve the efficiency of your current work or move into the next phase of growth, your communications should always clearly support your growth goals.  Having a clear communications strategy will help to guide all of the tactics you use in the future – keeping your brand on message, on voice and making your communications work hardest for you.

Strategy and tactics aren’t the same – yet many use the terms interchangeably.

Strategy is the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of our communications practice.  Tactics are the ‘how’.  Opening a new social media account is not strategic, it’s tactical.  Changing the direction of your communications from one group of potential participants to another to drive growth is not tactical, it’s strategic.  (You already know this – but it’s amazing to see how many others don’t)

Tactics without strategy are doomed to be expensive failures at best and, worst, will weaken your organisation’s market position.  

From my experience in complex organisations, I can work with you to create a manageable, flexible and measurable communications strategy which is right for your business.  As the strategy develops, we will:

  • Clearly identify your brand’s core offer, the people who will benefit from that offer, the people who deliver/create the offer and the people who can influence others to positively consider your offer
  • Clearly illustrate where the brand is now, where it needs to be in the future and the overall steps needed to move from one to the other (also considering the wider context that you’re working in)
  • Test the core offer against your current picture of your main customers, identifying whether you are investing in the right places to deliver your growth ambitions or whether your approach needs further definition
  • Create an easily used series of communications underlining the meaning, purpose and value that you bring to different groups, empowering your colleagues to start telling their stories in line with the common narrative
  • Identify strategic opportunities, spaces and places to tell your stories
  • Spot opportunities to improve your brand control and guidelines, ensuring that your colleagues tell their stories of your organisation in the best way, and with the most support, possible

You can count on me as a safe pair of hands to create your communications strategy; my methodical, logical and data-driven approach creates the space for exciting, experimental, creative tactics to grow – tactics which will get you noticed in your marketplace and help to drive your growth. (Embrace Life is one example of a stunning tactical response to a new strategic direction I’d mapped out – hope that you enjoy this short case study!)

NeoNodal is a trading name of Neil Hopkins