Communications Audit

Knowing what you actually know (rather than what you think you know) through a communications audit is at the heart of creating great communications which support your growth goals.  

As every good communicator, manager and company owner knows, making assumptions is dangerous:  assumptions can weaken your brand equity, overlook strategic moves from your competitors vying for your hard-won market share and underplay poor returns from your communications investment.

Having a regular communications audit helps to keep these assumptions at bay; ensuring that your work is reaching the right people in the right way; that all of the language and design supports your core brand principles; and that you’re not missing opportunities to make your communications work even harder for you in a competitive environment.

Having led communications in complex organisations, I can conduct a communications audit on your behalf, bringing a ‘beginner’s mind’ to your business, testing effectiveness, checking assumptions and uncovering insights to fine tune how you tell your stories for ultimate effectiveness.  There are a number of ways I can do this:

      • Audit report with recommendations – suitable for all organisations.  A thorough exploration of all of your current efforts with findings documented and headline recommendations made.  This can either be carried out remotely, or, for the most thorough service, on-site to help understand how your culture carries your brand and how you can make it even more effective
      • Audit report, recommendations and specific plan of action – suitable for organisations with a new, or very small, communications team.  In addition to the basic audit and recommendations report, I can create a specific, timetabled, action plan to guide your teams as they fine-tune all of their efforts.  This will include specific deliverables stemming from the recommendations, as well as an outline content calendar to help direct efforts
      • Audit report, recommendations, plan, medium-term delivery of plan – suitable for organisations starting to restructure, rebrand or in the first stages of growth.  In addition to the audit, recommendations and action plan, I can start to bring your plan to life, delivering communications on your behalf.  As the plan matures, I will look to create a sustainable long-term solution, based on the firm foundations laid in the medium-term (for example creating an in-house team and upskilling them to continue your growth communications)

Bringing an interim / freelance specialist in to conduct your communications audit is a smart move – someone without history or emotional attachment to your brand can look at your current communications efforts more dispassionately than an existing in-house team.  Collaborating with your team, I can ensure that this ‘beginner’s mind’ approach works for you, alongside the valuable emotional insights shared by your existing board and communications team, to create exciting, vibrant communications which deliver your growth aspirations.

NeoNodal is a trading name of Neil Hopkins