Customer first, customer-centricity.  You know the drill. Putting the customer at the heart of the matter is the Big Thing (I’ll leave arguments about how it should always have been the Big Thing to one side for now). Here’s something I’ve developed that might just help you get ahead of the crowd and really put your customer where they want to be – first. What I’m about to tell you is remarkably simple. And, more to the point, will work. You only need to write one sentence into your business plan to become truly customer focussed. And that sentence is this: “I want ‘____(who)______’ to ‘_____(what)______’Read More →

Getting the tone of your communications work right is really hard.  Unless you’re some kind of wunderkind, communicating well is tough. I know you agree with me.  After all, if it was easy, every word or image which was ever shared would be, literally, the best thing ever. You’ve not only got to think about what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it.  Where you’re saying it is important too. So it’s no surprise that most communications work is largely forgettable. In my experience, there are three key things communicators need to think about to get the most out of their work:  clarity, confidence and community.Read More →

Creating great marketing and communications is hard work. After all, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  Brilliantly. But they’re not.  We’ve all seen brands in a headlong rush for the next big craze, endured forgettable content and tried to avoid pointless, self-serving “Me, Me, Me” communications.    Marketing and communications work like this can be easy to create (that’s why there’s so much of it out there), but it won’t help brands to build their businesses.  In fact, I’d suggest that they’ll lose custom over time as a result. To avoid this and move closer to the results you want from yourRead More →